Thursday, March 28, 2013

Security Director Tip of the Month - More Secure Conferencing Calling

Over the years, you have read many posts here about organizations being victimized by eavesdroppers on their conference calls. I am expecting you will see fewer in years to come...

CrowdCall, a specialized conference-calling app available for iOS and Android smartphones and the web. 

Instead of scheduling a dial-in line, e-mailing all parties involved and then hoping everyone calls at the appointed time, CrowdCall's interface lets users choose up to 20 participants from their contacts list and LinkedIn connections and dial them immediately (assuming the contacts have added their phone number to their LinkedIn profiles). When participants answer, they simply push "1" to enter the conference--they don't even need to have the app to participate. feature in particular makes it attractive to small businesses. Because the call originator controls invitations, unauthorized participants can't use dial-in information to access the call, providing a measure of security when discussing sensitive information. (more)