Friday, April 26, 2013

Interesting Security Technologies - Sunpass Bug & Butterfly Authentication

Doug Blakeway, President & CEO, Nanotech Security Corp., reveals new surveillance technologies in the company's Annual Report...

(from their subsidiary) "The CTR-1300 JOEY, a disguised Variable Power Audio Transmitter Utilizing a new LiPo internal battery and incorporated into the Garage Door Opener, EZ Pass, and Sunpass as disguises.

and, the latest in anti-counterfeiting technology...

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"Nanotech is developing what it sees as a highly sophisticated and commercially viable nanotechnology for use in anti-counterfeiting as well as product and document authentication. It will potentially be used to authenticate a huge range of items, including currency, legal documents and commercial products.

The specialized optical features are comprised of arrays of hundreds of millions of nano-holes–implanted directly onto various substrates and which emit unique light signatures that we believe cannot be reproduced by a counterfeiter.  

KolourOptics® is the trade name for this revolutionary authentication feature which produces nano-scale surface structures similar to those found on the wings of the iridescent blue Morpho Butterfly.

The features can be directly applied to banknotes and other valuable documents and products and will produce light signatures are both “overt” (visible to the naked eye) and some that are “covert” (machine readable only)." (more)