Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Book - "Eavesdropping, Surveillance and Espionage"

New Book
 "...examines the escalating security and privacy threats from spy cameras, audio bugs, telephone bugs, GPS trackers, GSM listening devices, surveillance software, smart-phone compromises and other high-tech technologies that are actively marketed to civilians. Modern security professionals must grasp the magnitude of these emerging threats, how they are identified and the counter-measures by which they are neutralized."

The press release explains...

"Eavesdropping, Surveillance And Espionage: Threats, Techniques and Countermeasures is a comprehensive introduction to TSCM specifically for law enforcement, private investigators, homeland security, key military personnel, foreign service and diplomatic staff, intelligence operatives, private security contractors, TSA, security advisors and other security professionals in the private and public sectors.

Authored by Norbert Zaenglein, author of Disk Detective, Secret Software and the Covert Bug Book, the new TSCM book fills a much needed gap in security awareness related to civilian surveillance capabilities, a development that impacts military, government, diplomatic venues, homeland security, corporations, businesses and the general public.

The essential new security manual explains how mass production of sophisticated surveillance technology pattered after law-enforcement and intelligence-grade spy devices has marshaled the once secretive spy trade into civilian circles with far-reaching implications and consequences." (preview)

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