Saturday, April 27, 2013

FutureWatch: Trojan Horse Wi-Fi's and More - In Your Mail

This promotion is legitimate.
But, imagine this small, inexpensive technology as an espionage tool...

Microsoft is putting in real WiFi hardware hotspots inside some copies of the latest issue of Forbes magazine. The unique Office 365 promotion was revealed in a post on the message board. The WiFi router, when activated, offers 15 days of free WiFi service via T-Mobile's network on up to five devices at once.

In any case, if you get one of these Forbes magazine ads, keep in mind that the router still needs to be charged; it apparently lasts up to three hours on a single charge. (more)

BTW, for your techie types, it uses a Mediatek chip (RT5350), "The world's smallest wireless router-on-a-chip."

Hiding electronic gadgets in the mail is not a new idea. 

Many years ago, a company hollowed out a book, planted a computer mouse inside, and mailed it to top executives. 

We detected one of these books during a weekend sweep. It was on an executive's desk, in the unopened mail.  

Was it a bug?  
Was it a bomb? 

No, just a insensitive marketing gag. 

Apparently, the company is no longer in business.

FutureWatch: This will happen again, but next time it might be a bug ...or, a bomb. 

Regularly scheduled TSCM inspections can find these things lurking in your office.