Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Business Espionage: Eavesdropping Discovery at Nortel - Update

The Department of National Defence will have to decide whether it is still worth the risk to move into the former Nortel campus after the discovery of listening devices at the facility, say security analysts.

The DND is not releasing details about where exactly the electronic eavesdropping devices were found or whether they were left over from an industrial espionage operation when Nortel occupied the complex in Ottawa’s west end.

Nortel was the target of a number of spy and computer hacking operations, with the main culprits suspected of being associated with China.

But security analysts say other listening devices could remain in the sprawling campus at 3500 Carling Ave. The question is whether they can all be found and whether they are still active...

Sources say the bugs are believed to have been planted when Nortel occupied the campus. (more)