Monday, October 28, 2013

Do You Have an IT Spy Guy?

Two tales to get you thinking...

Old tech equipment rarely dies, it just finds a new home -- and sometimes, that home is with your IT employees... The problem with taking equipment bound for the scrap heap or the recycling bin is that it often still contains sensitive data, which if lost could result in massive liability for the company that owns the equipment. Think... It is more than just theft, much more.

"There are no secrets for IT," says Pierluigi Stella, CTO for managed security service provider Network Box USA. "I can run a sniffer on my firewall and see every single packet that comes in and out of a specific computer. I can see what people write in their messages, where they go to on the Internet, what they post on Facebook. In fact, only ethics keep IT people from misusing and abusing this power. Think of it as having a mini-NSA in your office." Also think... "The scariest thing is that the same people who present the greatest risk are often the very people who approve access."