Sunday, October 20, 2013

No more, "Gee, I thought you said..." — Record Your Cell Phone Calls

Here's a useful item for PIs, Security and LEOs — a way to document important cell phone calls, without app sapping charges. No more, "Gee, I thought you said..." 

Recording Cell Phone conversations using apps is not possible on iPhone, Droid or BlackBerry without paying per minute charges. The Call Mynah Cell Phone Recorder gives you complete control of Recording Cell Phone Calls. You decide to Record Mobile Phone Calls or not, set up your Call Mynah to Record Cell Phone (all calls) or only as you choose.
  • 340 hours of Cell Phone Recording storage
  • Connects to any mobile phone via Bluetooth to create a simple Cell Phone Call Recorder
  • Automatically Record Cell Phone Calls (manual recording options too)
  • Saves all Cell Phone Records, call details (date, time, number, duration, call type)
  • Add comments to calls and flag as 'Important'
  • Upload calls to your PC for easy management (software supplied)
  • 150 Hours standby, 8 hours talking before battery charge
  • Call recording warn tone or prompt can be sent to callers (optional)
  • Handset, Speakerphone or Headset (supplied) operation
  • Security features to prevent unauthorized listening to your calls (more)