Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just Change 'Baby Monitor' to 'Bug' for High Tech Eavesdropping

Smart Baby Monitor (Bug) in your pocket!
The baby monitor (bug) for the smartphone age. Includes all standard features of a hardware baby monitor (bug) and some surprising extras.

Works at any distance. Dormi can use any available route to connect parent and child units (WiFi, mobile data), and can work even when Internet is not available (WiFi Direct, HotSpot / AP)

Ultimate feature? 

You can connect MULTIPLE devices in parent mode to a single child device simultaneously.

Intelligent audio
You don't need to configure microphone sensitivity - Dormi adjusts to noise levels automatically. Leave the device several meters away from the sleeping baby (target) and it will still be able to detect when it cries (or plans a corporate takeover) and amplify the sound for the parent device as if it were placed right next to the baby (target).

Press and hold the Listen button to hear sound from the child device even while the baby (target) is not crying (or selling stocks). Equally, use the Talk button to talk back to soothe or calm the baby (or spook the hell out of your target).

Convenient info-center
With Dormi you always know what's going on. All important information about the child device is always available while monitoring. If connection with the child device is lost, the parent device will notify you.

Dormi will even notify you about missed calls and new text messages received on the child device, so you will not miss something important while not having direct access to the device.

If the baby (target) starts crying (or talking with the General Counsel) while you are on the phone, you will be notified with vibrations and a gentle beep to your ear - without abruptly disturbing the phone call, yet letting you know.

Of course, Dormi works in the background, even when the device screen is off. Great care has been taken to limit battery usage - you can monitor for many hours on one charge.

Have you got an old Android device sitting in the drawer that you have no use for? Not anymore - try using it as the child device with Dormi. We have made the effort to ensure it runs from Android 2.3 onwards.

Start right away...
All you have to do after install is pair two devices together (our autodiscovery feature makes this a breeze) and start monitoring right away.

Although unlimited monitoring is paid, you will get 4 hours of monitoring for free every month.

If you do decide to make a purchase, you only have to do so on one of the devices participating in the monitoring. (more)

Why do I mention it?
So you will know what you are up against.