Saturday, February 22, 2014

Security Director Alert - New Audio & Video Bug. Records and Stores 24-hours. Blasts it out via Wi-Fi in 5-minutes.

This is the new eavesdropping technology you are up against. 

• Do you conduct regular information security surveys (TSCM)? 
• Are your current current TSCM bug sweeps capable of detecting new technologies like the device shown?
If the answer to either question is no, contact me.

via Acustek...
The concept of the GEM AUDIO/VIDEO is... storing audio and video files on micro-SD card up to 32 GB and then forward, ultra-fast download, through protected WiFi connection.


The GEM WiFi A/V is a small device integrating a small powerful audio-video recorder, external miniature video camera and concealed built-in Wifi antenna for transmission together. This allows the user ultra fast download of large volumes of high quality audio and video without the need of direct connection with the recorder. It can be set up to record with multiple advanced timers or by voice activation mode. The supplied video camera is capable to provide good quality picture at very low light conditions, with sensitivity of .3lux.

HIGH AUTONOMY AND CAPACITY All audio records are stored to micro SD memory (up-to 32Gb) and can be downloaded at any time, or listened to "Live".

ULTRA FAST DOWNLOAD SPEED Downloading over WiFi is very fast and takes approx. 5 minutes for every 24 hours stored audio record.

DEDICATED FOR CONCEALED OPERATION All records are exported or reviewed securely via the included software. GEM WiFi doesn't transmit anything on air when disconnected from the host computer. It searches for the WiFi signal only from user host computer; this makes this device very confidential and makes it virtually impossible to find by any WiFi wireless spy detection technology such as RF Analysers. (We know how to find it.) 

SECURITY The audio data transfer is encrypted, each record has a precision timeline and can only be reviewed using the supplied software, the records may also be password protected. If the recorder is intercepted then the micro SD card is unusable. (more)