Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sad: Ex-Spy Sells Special-Edition Watch on eBay

An unemployed former British spy is so hard-up he is selling his special-edition MI5 watch on eBay.

The ex-spook put his Breitling diver’s watch on the auction site in a bid to raise money because he lost his job with MI5 three years ago.

He is selling the specially commissioned time piece even though there are only a few hundred in circulation and they have never been displayed in public.

“This watch is a limited edition which could only be purchased by serving officers of MI5 British Security Service during their centenary.

“The watch was commissioned to celebrate their 100th anniversary.“So far I have had good offers and considerable interest on eBay and I must admit, I will be very sorry to be losing the watch as I have little to remind me of my time with the service.”

When he first bought the watch he paid more than £1,000 for it and the bids had reached more than £3,500 so far. (more)