Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Security Director Alert - Toss Away Bugs - Now $21.97 on eBay

Want to know if eavesdropping has occurred in your organization? 
These days, your chances of knowing has skyrocketed. Here's why...

Electronic eavesdropping devices have become:
• so inexpensive, 
• so easily available, 
that they are now throw-away objects. 

Eavesdroppers don't have to risk discovery by replacing batteries or retrieving them. Just toss one behind the bookcase, or into a lighting cove once a week.

Bonus For You - Since many of today's eavesdropping devices are not being serviced or retrieved, the evidence is left there waiting for you (or me) to find it! Knowing you are having your pockets picked is valuable knowledge, and the first step in putting an end to it.

Example of a bug being sold on eBay today... ($21.97 - FREE shipping)

"With 2 FREE batteries!!  
Each battery should give you around 40 hours of use!

This IS the smallest bug on ebay measuring just 22mm diameter (plus a little extra for the protruding microphone and rear) x only 11mm thick and THIS IS WITH A BATTERY INSTALLED!!! This tiny transmitter runs off a small coin cell and the measurements given above include the cell holder!

The quality small electret microphone will pick up the smallest of sounds and transmit them to your radio with crystal clear reproduction. Only quality surface mount components have been used on a professionally designed circuit board. The copper of the board has been coated to prevent corrosion - this is NOT a cheap homemade item like others are offering!" (more)

P.S. We have the technology to find these bugs even after the battery is depleted.