Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Black Eye for Blackphones

Australian law enforcement agencies are increasingly unable to monitor the communications of some of the country's most powerful criminals due to the rising prevalence of uncrackable encrypted phones. 

The phones are linked to a series of the underworld killings that rocked Sydney, several senior law enforcement officials told the ABC on condition of anonymity.

The phones are sold by dozens of companies worldwide and have legitimate uses.

But the law enforcement officials say thousands of the phones have been obtained by Australian criminals and they are using them to commit serious crimes, including murder. (more)
(video report)

Interesting article, but... one half of my brain is saying wouldn't the LE's want criminals to think these phones are secure? And, once the general public views encryption as a criminal tool, the politicians would be free to pass laws restricting communications encryption so then only the outlaws (and selected others) would use it... kind-of-like gun silencers.

Or, maybe I've been "Snowed-in" over the long winter and have become cynical.