Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wiretapped Doctor Sues Med Center $5 Million+

GA - A trial date was set for September 15, 2014 in a highly publicized lawsuit alleging wiretapping and racketeering against Tanner Medical Center. An amended lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of Carroll County by law firm Gary Bunch, P.C. on behalf of prominent Atlanta physician Randy Warner, seeks monetary damages in excess of $5 million.

According to the lawsuit, Tanner Medical Center, a subsidiary of Tanner Health System, eavesdropped on a private telephone conversation of Warner and used the contents of that conversation to "coerce and functionally blackmail" him. In addition, the suit claims that Tanner interfered with Warner's business relationships and engaged in wire fraud, mail fraud and a pattern of racketeering that damaged Warner... (more)