Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spy Pen May Kill $27 Billion Lawsuit

The oil giant Chevron said Monday that it had obtained video recordings of meetings in Ecuador this year that appear to reveal a bribery scheme connected to a $27 billion lawsuit the company faces over environmental damage at oil fields it operated in remote areas of the Amazon forest in Ecuador, The New York Times’s Simon Romero and Clifford Krauss reported.

The videos, together with audio recordings obtained by businessmen using watches and pens implanted with bugging devices
, appear to implicate Ecuadoran officials and political operatives, including possibly Juan Núñez, the judge overseeing the lawsuit, and Pierina Correa, the sister of Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa...

The recordings,
which Chevron placed on its Web site, are the latest twist in a 16-year legal battle over oil contamination of jungle areas in northern Ecuador. (more)

No kidding! Two hours of covert surveillance video (in Spanish with English sub-titles), with .pdf transcripts, are on Chevron's Web site. A real-life corporate sting. Fascinating.

Think they were using high-tech, expensive surveillance devices?
Think again...
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In this case, a $3 million dollar bribery scheme is revealed, and a $27 billion lawsuit may be lost.

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