Friday, October 28, 2011

BlackBerry / India Ink Surveillance Contract - RIM shot

 Remember when India was threatening to shut down BlackBerry service unless it could tap user's communications? Reports have RIM operating a wiretapping facility in Mumbai to help with that.

Back in 2010, the Indian government set multiple deadlines for RIM to provide the government with access to encrypted BlackBerry communication or face a shutdown of BlackBerry services in the country. Those deadlines came and went, with RIM insisting that it has no back door that would let government authorities (or anybody else) decrypt and access communications on its BlackBerry Enterprise services

However, by the beginning of 2011 RIM had been working with the Indian government to provide access to consumer-level BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) email—and now the Wall Street Journal reports RIM is operating a small surveillance facility in Mumbai to process government requests for access to BlackBerry user communications. (more)