Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Security Director Briefing: Inspecting Aircraft to Detect Electronic Eavesdropping Devices

More and more of our clients are asking me to inspect their corporate aircraft for eavesdropping devices. Trips to closed countries top the list of concerns for many of them.

There has also been a rise in general questions coming from other organizations. They are just beginning to realize the seriousness of this privacy vulnerability.

Their questions range from:
• "How is an inspection performed?"
• "Is scheduling and doing an inspection a difficult process?"
• "I am preparing a presentation for management and need a few more specific reasons to inspect. What do you suggest?"
• "We sometimes park in a semi-public hanger [or an untrusted foreign airport]. Do you have any suggestions?"

Sometimes I am out traveling and unavailable to answer questions. This prompted me to create a general briefing sheet for security directors who call me. It provides some instant answers my staff can send via email. 

If you have corporate jets or helicopters to protect, please feel free to help yourself to a copy of my briefing. No sign-in required. Just download the pdf file. When you decide to conduct your inspections, please give me a call (908-832-7900). ~Kevin