Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Week in World Spy News

Egypt - A Jordanian telecommunications engineer, who is on trial in Egypt on charges of spying for Israel, pleaded not guilty on Sunday. (more)

Pakistan - A blindfolded man stands on explosives, trembling as he confesses to spying for the CIA in Pakistan. Armed men in black balaclavas slowly back away. Then he is blown up. One of his executioners -- members of an elite militant hit squad -- zooms a camera in on his severed head and body parts for a video later distributed in street markets as a warning. (more)

Taiwan - Allegations of spying against National Police University associate professor Wu Chang-yu are only the tip of the iceberg, members of the Falun Gong movement said on Saturday. Wu, who teaches Chinese political history, was arraigned for questioning on Thursday on charges of allegedly spying for China and passing information to Chinese officials about Chinese dissidents, pro-Tibetan activists and the Falun Gong movement in Taiwan. (more)

UK - New Home Office rules asking academic staff at British universities to keep a tab on students from India and other non-EU countries have sparked off concern that lecturers have been turned into "spies and spooks". (more)

USA - A Greenville, NY man faces two to six years in state prison when sentenced in Orange County Court next month for videotaping neighbors without their knowledge. Angelo DeMaria, 24, pled guilty Friday to 24 counts of felony second-degree unlawful surveillance. He was arrested last April after a neighbor spotted him on the roof of her garage. She called state police, who caught him with a video camera. (more)

USA - U.S. prosecutors are charging a former guard at a U.S. consulate in China with attempting to communicate national defense information to Chinese officials. Bryan Underwood has been indicted for trying to pass on photographs and other sensitive information to representatives of the Chinese government between March and August of this year. The Associated Press reports Justice Department officials say during that period Underwood was a contract guard at a consulate under construction in Guangzhou in southern China. (more)

Hezbollah has detained four of its own members on charges of spying for Israel while a fifth has fled, the London-based daily Asharq Alawsat reported last weekend. (more)

Lebanon has arrested three people suspected of spying for Israel and trespassing, the London-based al-Hayat newspaper reported Tuesday. (more)