Saturday, October 22, 2011

Security Director Alert: Occupy Wall Street would love to have A Bug in Your Boardroom

The Occupy Wall Street movement is expanding. 

Your company is the target. 

Just like animal rights and other business protest movements, intelligence helps fuel their cause. A bug in your boardroom is the ideal intelligence pipeline. (Don't think they haven't thought of doing it. All they need is a sympathetic insider who believes the boss makes too much.)

I addition to your normal preparations (perimeter security, monitoring social media, etc.) electronic countermeasures inspections (TSCM) must be part of your protection mix. Covert electronic eavesdropping, video voyeurism, data thefts and business espionage attacks are vulnerabilities you can not afford to overlook.

If you have a trusted TSCM provider, great, call them in.
If not, please stop by our web site. Learn all about our economical TSCM security solutions.

But, what if you find a bug?
It's Monday morning. 
In the offices of Mongo Industries a secretary readies the Boardroom for the weekly strategy meeting. The air conditioning has been off all weekend, and just kicked in. Then...THUNK! 

Startled, she stares under the massive table. Her eyes adjust to the dark. A small dark object with gooey strips of masking tape near the Director's chair stares back.

"What should you do?" (click here)