Thursday, October 25, 2012

FBI Issues Warning Regarding Android Malware

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center has issued a warning alerting users about malware that targets the Android mobile operating system. 

The intelligence note from the IC3 was issued last week, and highlighted on Monday by Apple 2.0. It noted there are various forms of malware out in the wild that attack Android devices.

Two forms of malware cited byt he IC3 are Loozfon, which steals information from users, and FinFisher, which can give nefarious hackers control over a user's device. 

Loozfon can lure in victims by promising users a work-at-home opportunity in exchange for sending out an e-mail. Visiting a link in the e-mail will push Loozfon to the user's device, allowing the malware to steal contact details from the device's address book.

The FinFisher spyware highlighted by the IC3 allows for a mobile device to be remotely controlled and monitored from anywhere. FinFisher is installed by simply visiting a Web link or opening a text message that disguises itself as a system update. (more)