Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Silent Circle Has Launched - An Affordable Secure Communications Package

Their opening salvo...
"We want to fight for your right to privacy. We are pushing back against the tide of surveillance. We don’t like oppressive regimes, indiscriminate wiretapping, big brother, data criminals, intellectual property theft, identity thieves or governments that persecute their citizens for saying or writing their opinions." Silent Circle

Silent Phone
Silent Text (with a self-destructing feature)
Silent Eyes (video call encryption)
Silent Mail (coming soon)
All sold together as Silent Suite for $20.00 per month.

Coming Soon...

"Worldwide Secure Communications with the Secure Business Package brings together the entire Silent Circle suite of products. Not only is this an Encrypted Secure Calling Plan – it's also extremely cost effective compared to today's un-secure VoIP calling plans. The average large domestic carrier basic cell phone plan is about $40 a month with low minutes, low data and un-secure calls. With our Secure Business Package you can have peace of mind that you are communicating securely without worrying about your minutes. In today's market, unlimited calling and data plans with the major cell carriers cost over $120 a month – with our Secure Business Package at $49 per month, on top of a basic carrier plan of around $40 per month, is still much cheaper than today's unlimited carrier plans – and it's SECURE."

"In today’s highly-connected International business realm, even small to moderate sized businesses have international employees, offices and partners. Silent Circle was developed and designed to help stop the theft of personal and corporate Intellectual Property, to defeat a critical piece of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) issue and to provide a true commercial Software-as-a-Service model for secure communications."

FutureWatch: Like the telephone itself, having one is useless, having two useful. Having millions of subscribers makes it an imperative.

If and when this product scales up, will there be any reason to communicate insecurely? Will the word wiretap join the lexicon graveyard along with galoshes, spitoon and fedora? The answer may depend upon two live-wire words... government regulation

For now, anyway, this is great progress. ~Kevin