Thursday, October 11, 2012

He Can Open Your Hotel Room Lock with a Magic Marking Pen

...of course, its no ordinary marker...
Matthew Jakubowski, a security researcher, posted a video on YouTube which shows how anyone can build a pocket-sized device to open the lock on an estimated 4 million hotel rooms.

The magic marking pen exploits an Onity lock
vulnerability, used on millions of hotel room doors. (more)

As you can see, card-key door locks can be hacked. But did you know, one can open the internal door privacy latch using nothing more than the plastic 'do not disturb' sign hanging on the outside door handle?!?! (Yes, they can come in while you are in the shower.) 

Hotel safes are equally insecure, a paper clip can open some of them, others have commonly known default passcodes. Most also have an Ethernet port which can be hacked, and/or a hidden keyway, which can be picked. All these security loopholes are in addition to the legitimate hotel staff's master keys for opening both doors and safes. 

In short, your hotel room is easy pickings when it comes to a concerted espionage attack. 

One of our many travel recommendations for our clients is:
• Don't trust hotel security. 
• Keep your confidential information with you at all times. 

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