Saturday, October 6, 2012

Workplace SpyCams: The Accounting Firm

WI - The reported vice president of a Wisconsin accounting firm was charged with four felonies for allegedly using a camera pen to spy on women in the office restroom. 

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Last month, a woman working in an office building in the Milwaukee suburb of Glendale went to the bathroom and noticed a pen slide under the door, according to the criminal complaint and reported by the Menomonee Falls Patch. Suspecting that the pen was a camera, the woman looked online and spotted a camera pen for sale that looked similar. She then contacted the Glendale police.

A week later, another woman allegedly saw the same pen slide under the bathroom door. She likewise reported the incident to police, and the officers checked hidden cameras that they had set up outside the bathroom. According to the complaint, the cameras showed James Pirc, 46, sliding something under the door. (more)

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