Friday, July 11, 2014

Correctional Facility Bugs Employees, Claims it was a Test (cue klaxon)

Correctional staff are reeling and demanding answers after a microphone was found inside of a smoke detector in a staff lounge area.

CBC News reports that the acting director of Saskatoon Correctional Center claimed the listening device was a prototype for a new intercom system intended to keep the facility safer.

If it were actually used, it would be placed in inmate living areas. The testing, however, had to be done elsewhere.

“It was not installed as a means in which to covertly listen to staff conversations. For anyone to covertly listen or intercept private communications would require legal authority to do so,” Jock McDowell said.

The device was designed to look like a smoke detector to discourage inmates to tamper with it.

The union says this has further strained staff-management relations. (more) (RIP Dick Jones) (sing-a-long)