Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Travel - Should executives expect to be subjected to more traditional means of surveillance...

...such as hidden cameras or microphones, intrusion into hotel rooms, or being followed?

Hidden cameras, microphones or physical surveillance are all reportedly routine in many parts of the world, not just China, for purposes that can include industrial espionage, blackmail and to identify and monitor potential criminal activity. 

Physical security systems, domestic security practices and personal privacy expectations can vary in different areas, but all of the above may be encountered. 

At major facilities catering to foreign business travelers, we expect that plainclothes police and domestic security personnel are nearby at almost all times. 

However, some individuals claiming to be police or facility staff may be scam artist impersonators – you never want to hand over a wallet containing identification, cash and all your payment cards. 

If you travel into the interior on a domestic flight, do not be surprised if your wallet and personal electronic devices are removed to a location out of your view during screening at the security checkpoint. (more)