Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Talk to the badge, Axxxxxx."

UK - Shop workers who have been the victims of hate crime are to be given 'spy' name badges - in a bid crack down on racism.

Some 48 devices are being bought by Merseyside's Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy to help tackle hate crime.

The semi-covert video cameras, which look like large name-badges, are intended to support victims of racial abuse. The cameras will capture evidence to help prosecute offenders.

The commissioner is also buying 100 personal safety devices for use by high-risk victims of domestic abuse, harassment and stalking. (more)

Spy Badges Gain Traction...
HIGHLY trained officers keeping the peace during G20 will wear tiny, spy-like cameras – the first to be issued by the Queensland Police Service.

The lightweight, miniature video cameras will be clipped to officers’ uniforms to record potential evidence during November’s summit.

The Courier-Mail can reveal 70 high-definition cameras will be used by frontline police. (more)