Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Government Owns Your Tweets - No, not the NSA... the LOC

Even deleting your Twitter account won't help. 
You're brain farts are permanently archived.

Twitter and the Library of Congress have this "deal", see. Twitter gave the right to the Library of Congress to archive your public tweets from 2006 on. The result... everything posted publicly by you, since then, is now owned by the government.

"An element of our mission at the Library of Congress is to collect the story of America and to acquire collections that will have research value. So when the Library had the opportunity to acquire an archive from the popular social media service Twitter, we decided this was a collection that should be here.

In April 2010, the Library and Twitter signed an agreement providing the Library the public tweets from the company’s inception through the date of the agreement, an archive of tweets from 2006 through April 2010. Additionally, the Library and Twitter agreed that Twitter would provide all public tweets on an ongoing basis under the same terms."

FutureWatch: Data mining of your tweets by employers, attorneys, investigators, retailers, insurance companies, LOEs, ex's, and plain old creepy people.

BTW... Kevin's Security Scrapbook post headlines are Tweeted.