Sunday, July 1, 2018

Could Your Smartphone Battery Spy on You? (unlikely, but...)

Most batteries in today’s smartphone are intelligent enough to detect how people use their phones and employ power-saving technologies that result in longer battery life. That advantage sounds excellent all around, but...

The researchers who authored a paper [PDF] on the subject of smartphone batteries capable of spying on people pointed out that this hack would be quick to implement and difficult to detect. They say smartphone owners may even participate in helping the hacks happen by installing malicious batteries themselves.

It could happen in a scenario where a hacker sets up an online store and entices users with promises of extra-long battery life and low prices, sends a purchaser the battery and waits for it to become installed in the phone to begin the tracking segment of the hack.

Plus, the battery could be capable of continuous monitoring, giving hackers the opportunity to see almost all the things the targets do with their phones, whether that’s browsing the internet, typing on the phone’s keyboard or receiving calls. more

A bug made to look like a cell phone battery...