Saturday, July 28, 2018

Dad Charged With Felony Eavesdropping - Phone Ownership Irrelevant

MI - An Antrim County man faces two felony charges after authorities said he recorded conversations between his ex-wife and his 12-year-old daughter for nearly three years...

Carlson, who has custody of his daughter ... had been using a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) setting to record all telephone calls associated with his cellphone number, according to a report from the Michigan State Police.

Investigators contend Carlson let his daughter use the phone so she could talk to her mother, Kellie Poehner, who lives in Genesee County, but did not inform Poehner or his daughter that he was recording the calls, nor did he ask for their consent. Both believed the conversations were private, the report said.

Carlson is suspected of emailing some of the recordings in March to John Poehner, who is married to Kellie Poehner. That alleged action prompted an investigation that led to the distribution and dissemination charge... more