Sunday, July 8, 2018

TSCM During Construction Projects

In the world of business espionage there is a golden time to install bugs, taps, and other electronic surveillance items.
  • It is a time when nobody is checking. 
  • It is a time when these devices become completely hidden from future detection.
  • It is construction time.
TSCM During Construction

The Bugged Embassy Case: What Went Wrong, is a well-documented story of eavesdropping devices planted so deeply the building had to be abandoned.

The Attack on Axnan Headquarters: An Espionage Operation, is a fictionalized true story of exactly how corporate construction penetrations are accomplished.

Both accounts are a fascinating read, and are true cautionary tales for our times.
“You really don’t want electronic surveillance
to become the hidden feature of
your new Boardroom, C-suite, or other sensitive area.”


Designing Information Security into Construction Projects

Electronic eavesdropping and information attacks can be stopped, but there is a catch; timing. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) needs to be included in the planning and construction phases of your project. Learn how.