Monday, July 2, 2018

Whataburger - Toilet Spycam - 13 Unidentified Victims

TX - The man accused of placing a video camera in the restroom of a Whataburger restaurant has now been arrested, according to Abilene police...

Abilene police released footage of the suspect placing the camera inside a bathroom stall.

Last Friday, a woman called police after finding the device inside the toilet lid at a south Abilene Whataburger.

A woman, who said she wishes to remain anonymous, told KTAB/KRBC that when she went to the restroom, she flushed the toilet and noticed an unusual small circle under the rim of the toilet lid. She said she looked closer and found what appeared to be a camera lens. The woman said she then followed the camera to 'a bunch of wires connected to the device' under the lid of the tank.

The woman said she then ripped the device out of the tank and and ran to her car where she called police...

Whataburger said it had launched its own investigation... more

Abilene police are seeking information about potential victims from last week's Whataburger video voyeur case.

Police said 13 unidentified victims need to be identified.
Anyone who was at Whataburger at 4241 South 1st Street on Friday, June 22 between 8:50 a.m. and 1:18 p.m. and used the women's restroom as asked to call police at 325-676-6610. more