Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eight Million-Dollar Businesses You've Never Heard Of

Ever since taking a part-time job manning surveillance equipment for the Dennisport, MA, police department, Kevin D. Murray has been a spy buster. Businesses and governments hire him to suss out hidden bugs and such, which he does using everything from sensitive thermal-imaging equipment (which picks up the heat given off by any hidden sensors bugs) to just lots of plain old looking around. Murray Associates now handles about 125 cases per year. He claims to have protected "more than $100 trillion worth of information*" in the last three decades. (more)

* Just a rough guess, of course. We used this figure in conjunction
with our recent give-a-way of 100 Trillion dollar bills from Zimbabwe.

If you are a Security Director, CEO, President, Chairman, Chief Legal Counsel, HR director, etc. from a Forbes 1000 company, and would like one of these very rare bank notes (the largest denomination ever printed), just look over our Web site, put us in your Rolodex and let me know. I will make it happen. ~Kevin