Monday, August 17, 2009

Undeclared Warfare with an Unknown Enemy's sortalike shadowboxing with The Shadow.

Australia's diplomats have been targets of a cyber espionage attack strongly suspected to have originated from China.

According to an internal Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade briefing, a fake email was sent to a number of DFAT officers in the week beginning July 12, just over a week after the arrest in China of Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu.

DFAT insiders said the format and content of the email strongly suggested that it originated in China and was designed to collect intelligence from department computers. (

- Warfare (political and commercial) continues to morph, with human combatants being replaced by technobots. The enemies are stepping out of uniform ...and into obscurity.

"One never knows, do one?" opines Fats Waller.
"The Shadow knows," smirks Lamont Cranston.

The Big Security Mistake...

Focusing the security budget on hardware and personnel.

Today's losses are coming at you from the shadows.
• Eavesdropping on your strategies.
• Viewing your private moments.
• Stealing your intellectual property.

Budget for electronic countermeasures.
Get a knowledgeable specialist on your side.