Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Unsolicited "Gift" USB Stick

This is the scariest thing I saw during our bug sweeps this past week. It was sitting on top of a corporate president's desk.

Anyone can have custom printing put on USB sticks. (Not knowing if the printing on this one was legitimate or fake, I blurred the top two lines.) They can also load the stick with a megaton blast of spyware, destructive malware or a fast spreading virus that hits your corporate nervous system like Tourette's Syndrome.

Put the trick-stick into a pretty package. Mass mail it to company employees. Good chance one of them will open their Pandora's Box.

My new corporate client was not completely naive. They had a USB lock-out policy in place. The USB ports were turned off on all employee computers... except top executives, who were exempt from the policy.

Worried about your USB ports?
Good, here is a plan...
• Try USB lock-out software. You can get a Free 30-day trial from Lumension.
• Identify employees who have a real need to have their ports unlocked.
• Give them a clear education about the USB vulnerability.
• Let them know they will be responsible for their security lapses.
• Ask them if they are really sure they want their ports left open.