Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Be a Corporate Mole

Some co-workers may have mole-like personal habits, but a true corporate mole is a dangerous animal. They burrow in, keep a low profile and eat profits buy selling intellectual property.

Why do they do it?
Primarily money. They are on two payroll at the same time, and one of them may be very remunerative. A sense of power, adventure or righteousness are also motivating factors.

How does one learn how to be a corporate mole?
There are many books, but one can also learn for free at where you can learn "How to do just about everything."

Part of the How to Be a Corporate Mole training (listed under
Resources) is to Review counterespionage practices. Guess who that links to. I am flattered. ~Kevin

P.S. You may also want to read their How to Spot a Corporate Mole tutorial which is missing...
Step 8: Conduct electronic eavesdropping detection audits regularly. Moles are in the best position, and have the highest motivation, to plant electronic eavesdropping devices.