Saturday, October 3, 2009

Alert: Low-Cost GSM Bugs Flood Ebay

GSM bugs are simply tiny cell phones without keypads. Insert a SIM card, hide it, call its phone number and eavesdrop from anywhere in the world.

The lowest cost we've seen is 99 cents, plus $21.99 shipping.

This is a major development in illegal electronic surveillance; amazing as it is scary. Anyone can be a high-tech spy for less than $25.00.

In addition to being packaged as tiny self-contained bugs, they are also being sold on Ebay (and many other Internet locations) hidden in every-day office items like power strips.

Search Ebay to see them... (1) (2)

What Murray Associates is doing about this for their clients...

Digital Surveillance Location Analysis™ (DSLA)

With this new capability we pinpoint and solve several of the most serious information security challenges...
cellular bugs
GPS/GSM tracking devices
rogue equipment and access point loopholes
DSLA is a Murray Associates exclusive -- Sample plot map... (enlarge)

Our new graphic triangulation technique may be...
• employed during our regular Eavesdropping Detection Audits,
• monitored by your security/IT staff on a 24/7 basis,
• or, monitored by Murray Associates for you.
The system is Internet compatible; easily monitored from anywhere.

Security Directors at businesses and government agancies (only) are invited contact us for further details.