Friday, October 2, 2009

*CONTEST* (CLOSED) Help me track down an international spy.

Help me track down an international spy.
I have been chasing this person for over 20 years now.
Over this time, my spy has been seen in these cities, in this order;
but for no longer than a month at a time...

Seoul, South Korea
Barcelona, Spain
Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
Sydney, Australia
Beijing, China
Based on this, what city should I plan on traveling to for my next chance to see this spy again?

First correct answer via e-mail wins a nice prize. ~Kevin

We have a winner!
HZC from Texas, who says... "You should look for him in London, England. And Perhaps if you cant find it there afterwards at Rio de Jainero, Brazil"
Why? Because our spy follows the Olympics!

He will be receiving the really cool "Book of Secrets" Check the "Look inside" at to see what it is all about. ~Kevin