Saturday, October 10, 2009

Watch CCTV. Report Crime. Win a Prize!

FutureWatch (Coming Nov. 2009)
Watch this trend expand.
Next stop, prison cameras?

UK - Internet Eyes is an online instant event notification system. Viewers (in the EU for now) are able to monitor live video feed from our Customers and notify them; the instant an event is observed.

Typical event notifications include:

Shop lifting

Anti social behaviour



Would you like the opportunity to help detect these crimes?

How does a reward of £1000 a month sound?

Internet Eyes is now offering you that chance.

Viewers are anonymously monitoring random video feeds streamed from privately owned establishments. At no time can Viewers designate or control the video feeds they receive and the locations of the feeds are not disclosed.

The instant a Viewer monitors an event, an alert can be sent directly to the owner of that live camera feed.
The alert is sent along with a screen grab, identifying the image you have observed. Only the first alert received by the camera owner is accepted. Then... (more)