Thursday, October 22, 2009

Make Magazine Spy Gadget Contest

Coming soon! Contest starts on November 17th, 2009

MAKE is teaming up with the Penguin Group to present The Alex Rider Dream Gadget Contest!

All of you adventure-seekers and gadget lovers out there are invited to join in. If you were Alex Rider, what gadget would you want in the upcoming adventure "Crocodile Tears"?

Design your dream Alex Rider gadget, inspired by an everyday object (i.e. an iPod, toothpaste, a pen).

The winning gadget will be built right here at the MAKE Labs. Send us a schematic of what your gadget is made from and how it works. (Your schematic can be a diagram, a drawing or an explanation by you).

Remember that the winning gadget will be inspired by an everyday object that one could realistically build (as much as we wish we could create a pair of scissors that could fly us to the moon)!

FYI... (via
"In case you're unaware, Alex Rider is a young spy whose exploits are chronicled in a popular series of teen spy/adventure books. Alex uses all sorts of crazy high tech contraptions, made from things in his school backpack, to get out of sticky situations."

Let me know your ideas. Just for fun, I will post them here with your initials and country or state. To play for the prize, visit Make Magazine.