Sunday, November 13, 2011

AAA Rolls Out Free Program to Spy on Teen Drivers

Erica Solum, a senior at Garces Memorial High School, didn't know she was being tracked. When she drove, her every movement was recorded, from her speed to location.

It wasn't until the 17-year-old was driving home from school Thursday that she noticed a small device, about the size of the palm of her hand, plugged into the Cadillac DeVille she drives.

When her father, Eric Solum, sat her down in front of the computer Thursday night, Erica connected the dots.

"He showed me the website page that said AAA Onboard," Erica Solum said. "(I said) 'Dad, is this a tracking device for teenagers?'" (more)

Wow, a 17-year old with a Cadillac De Ville?!?! All I ever got was my mom's dorky Rambler station wagon with a leaky head gasket (and was happy to get to borrow it). Hope she doesn't complain about the monitoring. I would have agreed to a 24/7 alien anal probe to monitor my "every movement" in a Cadillac De Ville! 
/rant ~ Kevin