Monday, November 21, 2011

Privacy Journal - Your privacy news authority

I just received a free sample of Privacy Journal, an excellent publication by Robert Ellis Smith. He started Privacy Journal back in the 1970's and it continues stronger today than ever. 

Here is just one of the important topics he covers in this month's issue... Should the government need to secure a court warrant before installing continual and long-term electronic monitoring on a person’s motor vehicle, by means of Global Positioning technology (GPS)? That is a question before the U.S. Supreme Court this month in U.S. v. Jones, perhaps the most significant Fourth Amendment case in this new century. 

If you need to keep up with privacy issues, this is your best resource. His web site even offers FREE privacy tips.

In addition to the Journal, Mr. Smith also publishes many books on privacy. One of the most helpful is his Compilation of State and Federal Privacy Laws. This book includes listings for all U.S. laws - more than 700 of them - and federal and provincial laws in Canada.

All his publications are available electronically.

See for yourself. Contact Privacy Journal for a sample issue, and a list of their other publications.

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