Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Auto Speed Cam Tickets Everyone in Real Time

The Cordon multi-target photo radar system can keep tabs on as many as 32 vehicles moving along on a four lane highway using sensors that measure the speed of cars as they come in and out of the frame and recording their license plate numbers. Built-in infrared radar enables the technology to work 24 hours a day and the system can be networked to stream the data continuously to a central database via 3G, WiMAX or Wi-Fi.

There are currently speed enforcement photo cameras operating in some states, though the radar can’t track more than one vehicle at a time. doesn’t only go after speedsters. The system can catch drivers sneaking into bus lanes or driving the wrong way thanks to integrated GPS technology that monitors a car’s coordinates. (FutureWatch - It will also conduct automated look-ups for outstanding warrants and stolen vehicles.) 

The radar camera system isn’t scheduled to debut in North American streets until 2012, so drivers with a heavy foot do have some time to repent and change their reckless ways. (more)