Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Security Director Alert: How Spies Convince Someone They Work in Your Building

Re-framed, this article makes an excellent social engineering warning for your employees. The unknown person who fits this profile is exactly the person you want them to challenge...

There are fewer opportunities to put your social engineering skills to the test better than trying to convince someone you work at their establishment. Whether you just want to serve yourself a drink refill at a restaurant or you want to surprise your significant other with a birthday bouquet, here's how to get in unnoticed...

Take Advantage of Human Nature
The best way to get into a building or office that you want access to is to go in behind someone else. Most people call it "tailgating," and it's a serious security issue for offices, apartment complexes, college dorms, anywhere with restricted access, but it's your best friend here. 

Probably not a spy.
Dress the Part
This part requires some familiarity with the place you're going to visit, but no one is going to believe you work in an office where everyone is wearing shirts and ties if you walk in wearing a polo and jeans. Make sure you dress at or slightly above the dress code for the place you're visiting.

Be Ready for Questioning
Ideally, you'll be able to slip into an office and get around to where you need to be without any questioning at all. However, if you're overdressed, underdressed, or just unlucky enough to run into a curious employee, you need to be ready to deal with it.

Remember to Smile
Not always, of course—grinning to yourself will make you stand out—but keeping a relatively upbeat and positive demeanor will make you stand out less than someone who's hunched over, shifty-eyed, and ducking around corners wearing a Mission: Impossible serious-face. People by nature avoid confrontation, and you can use this to your advantage by being confident, being positive, and engaging when appropriate. (more via Alan Henry at lifehacker.com)