Thursday, November 17, 2011

21st Century Black Adders (Do You Trust Your IT People?)

NJ - A former Hoboken municipal employee is accused of breaking into Mayor Dawn Zimmer's e-mail account and forwarding them to other city officials.

Patrick Ricciardi is scheduled to be arraigned in federal court in Newark this afternoon.

Ricciardi was employed by Hoboken as an IT specialist. Prosecutors allege Ricciardi used his position and administrative privileges to break into Zimmer's e-mail account and forward e-mails to at least three city officials. (more)

It is not like I haven't warned you...
(from 2008) A new survey released this week shows nearly all company computer gurus say they wouldn’t hesitate to screw over their place of employment if they lost their jobs. A whopping 88 percent of IT professionals admit they’d happily hack everything from high-ranking passwords to customer info and sensitive R&D plans on their way out the door. A third of them say they already look through corporate data and know how much everyone’s making — and that’s just an average afternoon activity. (more)