Monday, November 28, 2011

Very clever, not using the phone cord. That would have been suspicious.

(It appears the reporter got this information from (dumb-de-dumb-dumb) ...the sheriff's deputies.)
FL - A Verizon worker who was able to listen in on his wife's phone calls has been accused of trying to strangle her, Polk County sheriff's deputies said.

Robert L. Rutledge, 51, of Lakeland, works at Verizon as a repair technician, deputies said.

He used his knowledge from his job to listen in on his wife's phone calls Monday, deputies said.

He disconnected the telephone line after hearing a call between his wife and an unknown man, deputies said.

It isn't clear whether Monday was the only time that Rutledge had listened to his wife's calls, deputies said.

Rutledge went home Monday night and removed the phone within his wife's reach. He choked her with a rope until she passed out, deputies said. (more)