Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From Racoon Twsp. in Beaver County a Bed Bugger's Comedy

PA - A Raccoon Township man was charged after police said he hid a listening device under his wife's bed in an attempt to catch her having an affair.
Suzanne Cripe, contacted police and said she had found a "transmitter device" under her bed... She told police she thought the device had been placed there by her husband, Wayne Comet Cripe.

The Cripes "have been separated for some time," and were still sharing a house, but they had separate bedrooms, the police report said.
When police made contact with Wayne Cripe he said, "I guess she found the transmitter," before police even asked him any questions.
Cripe told the police he put the transmitter under his wife's bed because he wanted to know whether she and her boyfriend were having sex. He told police he was tired of hearing them and wanted to know "if the coast was clear" before entering his home. (more)