Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Cell Phone Encryption Product - TrustCall

Here is a new twist on encrypting cell phone calls. TrustCall – Secure Phone Software

Both phones need to have an SDmicro card slot. The encryption is on the card, so it can be moved from phone to phone if desired. 

The beauty of this system is that the user doesn't have to do anything but place the call as normal. Calls takes slightly longer to connect, however. (review)

The product and company are new. As of this date, their web site is still under construction, but details can be seen here.

From the company... "TrustCall is a discreet, affordable, easy-to-install mobile security software solution for Android, BlackBerry® and iPhone in 2012. To activate, users simply choose a contact in their address book, select the “Place Secure Call” option and press send. TrustCall authenticates all user identities prior to establishing the call and maintains a secure phone connection from beginning to end. Enterprises can quickly deploy, manage and use TrustCall without advanced training or custom handsets.
Because our mobile phone security solution is portable, it can be easily removed and configured for multiple phones if needed. TrustCall can be deployed inside a client’s network or in a hosted environment while providing a platform to manage, activate and terminate secure communications in near real-time.

TrustChips are designed to operate on-demand, and only when needed, battery life is maximized. With these solutions, users enjoy all the benefits of a standard off-the-shelf smartphone as well as having seamless voice protection wherever and whenever a sensitive call needs to be made.

These TrustChip Secured applications are optimized for 3G and Wi-Fi networks. Multiple platforms are supported. (more)