Monday, March 12, 2012

On Corporate Intellectual Fruit ...and how to keep it.

Dodd-Frank related governance issues such as say-on-pay and proxy access have been well known focal points for boardrooms during the 2012 proxy and annual meeting season, but another issue has topped headlines and is of increasing concern to boardrooms: business intelligence gathering activities...

Effective corporate governance principles dictate that those who conduct unethical or, worse, illegal activities on behalf of a company must be brought to heel. 

The phrase “traditional intelligence gathering” has its roots corporate espionage. 

Popular targets include technology related industries such as software, hardware, aerospace, biotechnology, telecommunications and energy, among others... It is clear, however, that no specific industry or sector is immune to these issues. (more)

Intelligence is the fruit of creativity; the food by which companies grow. Fruit that falls and rolls into the road is picked up by competitive intelligence professionals, legally. But when they come on property and pick fresh, ripe fruit off the trees, it's illegal. With a good fence, you can keep all your fruit.