Thursday, March 29, 2012

New CCTV Scans 36 Million Faces for a Match... in one second!

There were several news stories late last week about a new surveillance system by Hitachi Kokusai Electric that the company claims is able to capture a person's face and, in one second, scan some 36 million facial images stored in its database to see whether it can find a match. According to this story at Digital Trends:

"Now, here's my plan..."
"Hitachi’s software is able to recognize a face with up to 30 degrees of deviation turned vertically and horizontally away from the camera, and requires faces to fill at least 40 pixels by 40 pixels for accurate recognition. Any image, whether captured on a mobile phone, handheld camera, or a video still, can be uploaded and searched against its database for matches." 

The company states in a video posted at DigInfoTV that it thinks the system is "suitable for customers that have a relatively large-scale surveillance system, such as railways, power companies, law enforcement, and large stores."

Over time, I suspect that the technology will be reduced in price to be "suitable" for just about anyone with a surveillance system. (more)