Friday, March 9, 2012

Pursuit Magazine Book Review - "Is My Cell Phone Bugged?"

By Stephanie Mitchell, CompassPoint Investigations / Pursuit Magazine

"'Nearly everyone carries instant access to phone service, and tapping has become a personal concern.' The well documented comprehensive guide Is My Cell Phone Bugged, by Kevin D. Murray, provides well-documented information and research addressing cell phone privacy issues.

I found the book well written and superbly formatted. Even those who are not technologically savvy will find it to be very user-friendly. At no time during my reading did I feel bogged down with complicated technical language! Mr. Murray’s explanation and thorough direction assists the reader in regaining their privacy and the security of their personal information. Mr. Murray’s guidance ensures the reader that cell phone security and privacy can be achieved even if you are not a counterespionage expert.

I was impressed with the wealth of information and knowledge I gained from this book. Topics include: communications technology, purchasing secure cordless devices, how to avoid pre-bugged cell phones, understanding and identifying spyware, preventing tapping and information leaks, caller-ID technology, and identifying when your phone is under surveillance. As an investigator, I was particularly appreciative of the Legal Issues chapter covering privacy laws in a clear and precise manner." (complete review)

Thank you — Kevin