Thursday, March 22, 2012

FutureWatch: Wireless Bugging Not Based on the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum for Transmission

Neutrinos have been in the news recently, and although it appears that they probably do not travel faster than light, they still hold court as three of the strangest of the known subatomic particles. Undeterred by these arcane particles, Fermilab scientists have succeeded in communicating with neutrino pulses through 240 meters of rock at a rate of 0.1 bits per second.

Although only capable of sending one alphanumeric character every minute, this is still an experimental tour de force that demonstrates the feasibility of using neutrino beams to provide a low-rate communications link independent of any electromagnetic radiation

FutureWatch: However, given the limited range, low data rate, and extreme technologies required to achieve this demonstration, significant improvements in neutrino beams and detectors will be required for “practical” applications of neutrino communications. (more)